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UPDATED:  12/25/2016


This PRM web site supports my internet radio stream I setup for your listening enjoyment and progleisure (I love this word; it was coined by my musician son, Chris (Metro Society)).  This site and the associated broadcast stream are entirely my hobby.  I founded ProgRockandMetal ("PRM") back in April 2005 in order to bring you yet another opportunity to tune in and listen to "quality" progressive metal and progressive rock music.  My goal is to expand the growth and awareness of progressive music; but just not 'every' sub-genre of progressive music.  There are so many sub-genres, and there are so many interpretations and definitions of "prog rock/metal" as well.  I focus on the progressive aspects of the symphonic, melodic, and power characteristics of metal/rock; the more technical, the more interesting (see my Prog Definition page).   I want to 'emphasize' my personal preference is toward the progressive metal releases -- but it must have a great vocalist as well.  The growling/yelling/screaming are turn offs!  I'm constantly on the lookout for edgy, non-instrumental, non-ambient/trance 'no-put-you-to-sleep' etc., prog metal/rock music that closely matches my Prog Definition


Important notice:  I do not profit off PRM; all expenses are incurred by me.   The music is either purchased by me or provided to me by the artists/labels for airing with strict rules of not sharing or allowing to be shared with anyone.  I do not accept ANY pirated music.  Music is aired royalty free from PRM.  If an artist does not support this, you must contact me to have your material removed from PRM.


I am sent a lot of new material to consider airing on PRM, but not everything matches with what I like here.  Some is simply not mastered well at all. It's not progressive!  Some contains too much psychedelic fusion injected into it I think I'm growing back up in the 60's and 70's. And some is just no where close to what I hope to describe here.  But know this -- all music is art and it pains me to say "no, I'm not interested" in your music for PRM because I personally know how much time, energy, and passion go into making what you may think is the best music on earth!  I respect that.


If you are interested in contact me  ( about adding your music to the PRM stream, please ensure you understand my philosophy as stated below.  PLEASE -- no instrumental work at this time.  I will gladly 'review' your material and will reply back as to whether I will add it to the library.  Please do not take offense if it is not selected; I acknowledge that there is "art" in every form/genre of music but what I've added to my PRM library is based on my personal tastes; I salute ALL musicians and their passion for their style of music - never doubt me on that.  It will be very helpful if you provide at least two full mp3 sample files of your music to review and smaller samples of the rest.  Please keep it to prog metal and prog rock as described above. The keys for what I am looking for are:  clean vocals, TECHNICAL (progressive in style including odd-time signatures) and GOOD mixing/mastering. 


***  AND ------ THE MOST IMPORTANT REQUEST I HAVE OF YOU IS THIS --- PLEASE provide PRM authorization to air your material "Royalty Free".  This will give me the opportunity to keep PRM airing since it will significantly reduce my costs. I assure you that your material with ONLY be used as follows:

      1.  For exclusive airing only on PRM (royalty free)

      2.  Will NOT be allowed to be downloaded - ever!

      3.  Will NEVER be shared with anyone - ever!


NOW - my thoughts/focus


The "progressive rock/metal" music genre can be best described as very technical, complex, and highly creative.  This is truly awesome "listening" music you won't find on your radio dial!  Oh yeah, I do love the epics and don't be surprised to see several songs at 10, 15, 20 and even more than 30 minutes in length in the queue! 


My philosophy on just what I will broadcast via this station is very focused and, what is streamed are my personal favorites.  My intentions are not to play death/doom/black/dark metal music via the stream - you can find many other stations streaming that.  On occasion, I may add a band's music that is simply questionable as to "why" I have this on the station.  Maybe the music has a small element of "growling" (euphemistically referred to as "cookie monster") vocals, or another characteristic "screaming or yelling",  which by the way, I openly admit I have never felt it was "music"!  But, the music was done in good taste and does not distract from the overall song.  In other words,  I heard something else in the song that overshadows the "unintelligible noise" - let's just call it pure talent and uniqueness that prevailed!  I do not want to ignore some of the most talented bands out there (ex:  Epica, After Forever, Division By Zero, Opeth, etc.)  because I've found their music so awesome (mainly in the musical arrangement as well as their musicianship) regardless of their choice to include the cookies.  On the other hand, it just may be that it was completely overlooked when ripping the CD for radio play.  Prog music that puts me to sleep is something I try to avoid:  e.g., too melodic, atmospheric, trance-like, psychedelic, ambient and so on -- I want to make the decision to add the music (or not to add) very carefully.  Again, this is MY personal opinion and philosophy of the best in prog metal/rock.    I "may" change the above station philosophy from time-to-time because, face it, we live in a changing world -- my tastes may change, or I become more tolerable to certain types of music, and so on.  However, I want to remain as focused and consistent as I can. 


NOTE:  As much as I like metal/rock, I am more interested in broadcasting "progressive (harder) metal/rock only"  On occasion, I will remove some releases (without advertising) in order to reduce the massive amount of tracks I have currently out there for e-requests; more than likely, these releases are really not progressive but more in the vein of hard metal/rock which is not my focus here.


If your music is played on PRM and you do not agree with my philosophy, just let me know and I will pull your music upon request.  I do hope you reconsider if this is the case.


THANK YOU  to those that have sent me links to music to "check out" and/or recommend; I've added many artists because of your great references and submissions.

I do sincerely thank you for taking an interest in what may be the best style of metal/rock music in the world -- "progressive".  If you're an avid listener of intelligently created, awe-inspiring music, then I know tuning in and listening to some of the best prog artists from around the world via PRM is going to be a treat for you, as well as a memorable experience in the next level of a great and growing music genre.   I truly hope you have a memorable and enlightening experience listening to some of the most highly talented progressive metal/rock bands and artists from around the globe. 



                                Mailing address:                                                                                                     

                                Will Mangold                                                                  

                                636 Indiana St - Box 745                                                                                                                                  

                                Chinook, MT 59523-0745